Jamaica’s 2nd Annual Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest Announces 2018 Tix On-Sale + Aftermovie



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Life Will Find You, Again on the paradisiacal shores of Negril, Jamaica next spring for the second annual Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest, announcing today its next journey around the sun will take place May 1st – 6th, 2018. Having completed a successful first run this past May where the festival planted its roots along Negril’s famed 7-mile beach and 5-miles of limestone cliffs, the creators invite conscious souls from across the globe to seek a better Tmrw.Tday in celebration of its sophomore gathering — Passes for Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest go on sale Tuesday, October 3rd at 1pm EST!

Relive the good vibez radiating from Irie Soul Beach – home base to Tmrw.Tday – and begin to plan the ultimate festi-vacation for next year with the stunning 2017 Official Recap Video.

The lush Caribbean tropical landscape sprang to life as the beachside town of Negril wholeheartedly embraced the inaugural global gathering. Offering a glimpse into the world of Tmrw.Tday, the video highlights what makes the festival the ultimate vacation and a destination unlike any other in the world.

Tmrw.Tday is food for the soul set to a vibrant Jamaican soundtrack.” – Billboard

Prismatic and airy outdoor venues, which ranged from the beach to cavernous rooms carved into limestone cliffs, vibrated with rhythm of international music acts and native talent alike. The inaugural Tmrw.Tday festival welcomed Protoje & The Indiggnation, a surprise performance by the legendary Lee Scratch Perry, Teflon Zinc Fence & Yaadcore and the entire Crew Love squad touched down for an epic Sunday Irie Soul Beach takeover featuring extended sets from David Marston, Nick Monaco, and Wolf + Lamb. The magical weekend reached peak vibes Sunday night with Chris Blackwell hosting a very special edition of the Dub Cave with Gabre Selassie at the Caves, his stunning hotel in Negril.

“Like Camp Wildfire or Banksy’s Dismaland, Tmrw.Tday injects life into the dire, repetitive festival landscape.” –  Noisey

Offering daily yoga, fitness, meditation classes and workshops, Tmrw.Tday also guided participants on a weeklong, spiritual quest of self discovery, led by the founder of Irie Soul & Program Director Stacy Chang-Christoforou. Joining Stacy was International Wellness Ambassador David Wolfe, whose additions to the extensive list of festival offerings included a Cacao Ceremony and Dance Party, a Farm-to-Table Dinner Series and Rasta River Tour at Zimbale Retreats. Environmental activism initiatives punctuated the week with events such as a screening of internationally-acclaimed, feature-length adventure documentary A Plastic Ocean created by Plastic Oceans Foundation, the official environmental charity of the festival. Inviting participants of all ages to embody their highest and truest self, Tmrw.Tday unlocked a portal leading to an alternate universe while delivering unrivaled views of the coveted Caribbean coastline.

Positive energies of Jamaica bring an enhanced spirit of togetherness that’s unforgettable at Tmrw.Tday.” –  Forbes

Watch the 2017 Aftermovie as you begin your adventure to a better Tmrw.Tday! Tickets for the second annual culture fest go on sale Tuesday October 3 at 1pm EST. For more info on passes and how to become involved with this year’s festival, join Tmrw.Tday’s Good Vibez Tribe via the website.

Life Will Find You Again this May 1st – 6th, 2018

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Tmrw.Tday’s Philosophy
A better TMRW begins TDAY along the breathtaking paradise of Negril, Jamaica’s famed 7-mile beach. Embrace the positive shift within your soul and watch the world begin to smile. Jamaica’s second annual Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest  invites you to become part of a global movement, a catalyst for change to lighten our hearts and remedy our planet. Embark on a seven day journey of consciousness, conviction and growth through wellness, music, dance, art, nature and natural therapies. Step outside the boundaries of everyday life and into the experiential festival of a lifetime, where you become the vibe selector to craft your own vacation, from dawn til dusk.

Slow down, put your toes in the sand, seek adventure, count stars on the beach, be open to finding inner peace and leave revitalized this May 1-6, 2018 — Life Will Find You, Again.


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Vice Noisy: This Is What Fyre Festival Could Have Been If It Wasn’t Such a Disaster


By: Ryan Bassil – Vice Noisy, U.K

Tmrw.Tday is a new festival in Jamaica, but with more focus on the vibes.

Fyre Festival and its tale of myriad problems has been recounted so often it’s practically already folklore. To briefly recap: the “once-in-a-lifetime” April 2017 event spectacularly collapsed as airlines grounded and cancelled flights, headline acts pulled out and luxury necessities resembled little more than emergency relief supplies. A dazzling shitshow of our time.

In retrospect, Fyre Festival was doomed to collapse head over arse into the balmy waters of the Exumas. But what if it went ahead? A new festival called Tmrw.Tday, taking place in Jamaica a few weeks later, lightly mirrors what Ja Rule and his 25-year-old business partner could have achieved if their shit had been together. At least that’s how it comes across in the festival’s marketing, anyway.
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Billboard: Dub Music A History of Jamaica’s Criminally Under Appreciated Musical Art form


By Patricia Meschino – Billboard Magazine 

On a balmy late May evening under the stars at Chris Blackwell’s stunning cliffside hotel The Caves in Negril, Jamaica, legendary producer Lee “Scratch” Perry strolls up to the DJ booth and takes the microphone.

For the next 45 minutes Scratch, now 81, his hair and beard dyed cherry-red, freestyles lyrics as DJ (or selector, in Jamaican parlance). Kingston Dub Club owner Gabre Selassie tweaks his mixing console’s controls, manipulating the riddim track, transforming the bass line into a recurring thunderous boom.
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Forbes: A Tale Of Two Festivals. Success at Tmrw.Tday and Ongoing Angst at Exuma’s Fyre


By: Brad Auerbach – Forbes Magazine

Two recent inaugural island festivals are a study in how to organize a successful gathering. The Tmrw.Tday festival in Jamaica’s Negril was a resounding success. A few weeks earlier, the Fyre festival in the Bahamas has left a wake of lawsuits.

Between the two festivals I spoke with Tmrw.Tday’s organizer Andrew Christoforou. I asked him the inevitable question, what about the blowback from the Fyre debacle in the Bahamas?

Guests and partners have been sending articles, and with our partners in the festival and concert business, some alarm bells have been raised. But our sales have not been not affected. In fact, the reports have galvanized us to review with a fine tooth comb all elements of security and logistics, all management meetings, bar services, regulations, client safety and protocol. On balance, it is a good thing, it brought us to take a harder look on everything.

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The Unfortunate Power of Plastic



By Plastic Oceans Team

Meet Craig Leeson, A Plastic Ocean’s award-winning director. Craig is a fourth generation media professional, having worked in print, radio, television and film. He has produced award-winning results for such media outlets as CNN, National Geographic Channel and the BBC. He plays in a rock and roll band, surfs the waves of the world and is self-professed addict of macadamia nuts.

In the film, you apologize to the Pygmy Blue Whale for human behavior, and you’re angry about the plastic ocean situation. Why?

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Neutralize Your Vibes: EMR Shield Technology

EMR Shield

By Stacy Chang-Christoforou

We don’t necessarily realize, but we’re surrounded by waves of radioactive radiation 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Our wireless devices: laptops, cellphones, tablets, wifi, routers, bluetooth, etc. all use radioactive frequencies and emit electromagnetic radiation EMR a.k.a. “electrosmog”.  I first heard this term through a series of audio tapes that that talked about energy, our vibrations and the law of attraction. I had that ‘light bulb moment’ when they spoke about the fact that we Can and should neutralize our electronic devices to protect ourselves from EMR.  

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Just Do It: Nike Food Runners Hits Negril Culture Fest

Nike Food Runners

By Tmrw.Tday team

Ten years ago, it would have been hard to find a health-conscious chef remotely interested in fitness or a plant-based diet, let alone one who would get out of bed before noon to go for a run. So, it might be surprising for Toronto food fans checking out their favourite chefs’ Instagram feeds to see pictures of neon running shoes and kale smoothies instead of pork belly and head cheese, all collected under the hashtag #FoodRunners.

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