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Echomatik Q&A: A chat with the unlikely duo

Echomatik Q&A

By Andrea Delgado

“An unlikely sound from an unlikely duo from an unlikely place.”

Our Echomatik Q&A reveals an unlikely duo who create techno and house beats. Their sound is funky, deep, dark, acid, melodic and minimal. The duo offers the world a fresh combination of all of these sounds, carefully generated in their secret lab nestled high in the hills above Kingston, Jamaica. They like kick drums, reverb and funky vocals, but most of all they like it when people dance.

Tell us about your musical journey?
A complicated but similar journey for both of us. We’ve both been heavily involved in a variety of aspects of reggae and Caribbean music- production, management, DJing and performing, musicians, business, etc. in a variety of places- Miami, San Francisco, Montreal, Toronto and of course Jamaica.

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Wolf + Lamb: conscious choices & husking corn

Wolf + Lamb

By Kassandra Nunes & Andrea Delgado

Here’s a new track from Wolf + Lamb, Crew Love artist Nick Monaco and their partner in island life David Marston – a Jamaica native. On the vocals is Charlie from Soul Clap. The guys made this last year while chilling in Jamaica.

Tell us about your musical journey?
Man it’s been fun, long and going on 15 years! We both loved music from when we’re young, but had no talent so we became DJ’s, somewhere along the way we figured it out. It’s never ending and we’re grateful to be on it.

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Building ‘Riddim’ With Teflon Zinc Fence

Teflon Zinc Fence

By Andrea Delgado

Having performed live on Jimmy Fallon and seen major success worldwide with ‘Dread and Terrible’ reaching #1 on the Billboard Reggae charts, Teflon Zinc Fence is a force to be reckoned with.

Tell us about your musical journey?
When I first started to do music it was something among my friends. I would build riddims and let my friends DJ on the tracks, it’s just something I’ve always been passionate about. I started taking it serious after I left my network engineering job and decided to pursue my career in music full-time. A little before this I had met Chronixx and we decided to come together and create the next sound coming out of Jamaica. That’s when we created singles like ‘Behind Curtain’, ‘Warrior’ , ‘Spirulina’ etc. After investing in Chronixx’s career for some time, I decided to explore & expand my craft. This is where I discovered live dubbing and fresh new talent such as Inezi, Fyah Roiall, Ulo & the first lady of ZincFence Records, Jane Macgizmo.

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Music Is The Message With Crew Love’s David Marston

David Marston

By Andrea Delgado

David Marston is a producer, DJ, musician, and guitarist hailing from the vibrant Caribbean island of Jamaica. His approach to music is multifaceted: in his own productions, David works to achieve a sound that is a fusion of various genres, including house, soul, disco, jazz, as well as reggae and dub.

I sat down with David to learn more about his journey through music.

Tell us about your musical journey?
For as long as I can remember, music has resonated with me. I think this connection is true of most people. I started playing guitar when I was about 11 years old. The guitar was quite formative in my exploration of the world of music. To a great extent, my playing guitar has shaped how I process music, and it has also influenced my musical tastes and preferences…

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Meet the founders of Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest

Tmrw.Tday culture fest

By Tmrw.Tday Team

Tmrw.Tday culture fest is the brainchild of Andrew Christoforou and Kevin Bourke. The Tmrw.Tday team sat down with the two managing partners to discuss their entrepreneurial journeys and the story behind Tmrw.Tday culture fest. 

How long have you been working in the events and festival space?
A: I’ve been at the forefront of Toronto’s nightlife scene since 1999. You could say that I’ve touched all areas in the scene over the years. From throwing weekly residencies at all the major clubs, investing in a couple of venues and co-founding a couple of major festivals.

K: I have been involved in events all over Jamaica since 2001. I gathered with my best friends and started a party series, we created an environment that was fresh and delivered an experience from the moment  you walked in. Continue Reading…

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As A Backpacker, I Learnt This While Travelling


By Nikki Majewski

Travelling as a backpacker has been the greatest learning experience of my life. For the past decade, I’ve honoured simplistic travel by journeying afar for long stints of time with nothing but the essentials on my back.

During those wayfaring years, my default choice was to ‘rough it’ – it’s certainly not the way most people choose to vacation – but for me, each trip was an adventure and each adventure offered up new learning opportunities.


Keeping it simple, cooking rice on a fire at a beach in the Philippines.

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Taming the mind: Q&A with yoga guru Gillian B

Gillan B

By Andrea Delgado

To live consciously is to be happy. At least that’s how I felt after interviewing Self-Care Teacher and yoga guru Gillian B.  She has all the credentials, an applied human nutrition degree from the University of Guelph and a yoga teacher tenure stretching 8 years. But it wasn’t always this rosy for Gillian.

“I am proud to say that I have healed drug addiction, eating disorders, paralyzing anxiety, burnout and numerous food allergies – all of which were the direct result of inner misalignments and an untamed, unchecked mind,” she says.

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