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Taming the mind: Q&A with yoga guru Gillian B

Gillan B

By Andrea Delgado

To live consciously is to be happy. At least that’s how I felt after interviewing Self-Care Teacher and yoga guru Gillian B.  She has all the credentials, an applied human nutrition degree from the University of Guelph and a yoga teacher tenure stretching 8 years. But it wasn’t always this rosy for Gillian.

“I am proud to say that I have healed drug addiction, eating disorders, paralyzing anxiety, burnout and numerous food allergies – all of which were the direct result of inner misalignments and an untamed, unchecked mind,” she says.

Currently pursuing her Masters in Transpersonal Psychology – combining the world’s spirituality, consciousness and psychology – the self-confessed “student of life” believes living is the most valuable education of all. It’s through this, Gillian learned to truly love herself.

When did you start to live a conscious lifestyle or when did this lifestyle take over your life?
It has been a gradual evolution since my early 20s. My life was very different then, perhaps unrecognizable but I have slowly been making changes as I become more aware that I need to.

What do you do to strike a balance?
I listen to my inner voice. My feelings tell me what’s “right” for me and what’s not, when I am pushing myself too hard and I need a break. Learning to listen to and honour myself has been a challenge but with a heightened awareness, it has become easier every day.

Have you found yourself? If you have, please tell us about your experience and when you knew who you really were.
Yes, I am proud to say that I know myself quite well now. This wasn’t always the case, in the past I was notorious for losing my sense of self in all relationships. While I was making progress uncovering my true self, it wasn’t until I decided to take a break from intimate relationships for a period of time to explore what it is that I want, need or believe. Solitude has been a powerful medicine and has helped me hold space for myself to bloom and really ground down into my truth.

How do you feel about being one of the faces of our wellness event?
I am honoured to be a part of the festival! I truly live and breathe what I do. I am a role model and mirror of truth for many. I teach only what I have learned from personal experience whether that be with food, nature, movement or spirituality. I always encourage others to discover and honour their personal truth as the best self-care practice. I am able to inspire others to reach their highest potential simply by sharing my experience – something I am very grateful to be able to do for a living!

What do you hope to teach people?
The message of empowerment and self-reliance comes through everything I do. I teach others to respect and care for themselves on all levels mentally, physically, emotionally and of course spirituality. I will be sharing my message through yogic self-care practices, mindful living and a variety of personal development workshops.

What most excited you about coming to Jamaica?
I imagine myself really immersing myself in the culture and going on local adventures, learning about the tropical plants and how to cook traditional dishes. I love going off the beaten path and interacting with locals wherever I travel, as it always leads me to magic!

Connect with Gillian B at Tmrw.Tday’s various classes, workshops and events For all things wellness, click here.

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