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Building ‘Riddim’ With Teflon Zinc Fence

Teflon Zinc Fence

By Andrea Delgado

Having performed live on Jimmy Fallon and seen major success worldwide with ‘Dread and Terrible’ reaching #1 on the Billboard Reggae charts, Teflon Zinc Fence is a force to be reckoned with.

Tell us about your musical journey?
When I first started to do music it was something among my friends. I would build riddims and let my friends DJ on the tracks, it’s just something I’ve always been passionate about. I started taking it serious after I left my network engineering job and decided to pursue my career in music full-time. A little before this I had met Chronixx and we decided to come together and create the next sound coming out of Jamaica. That’s when we created singles like ‘Behind Curtain’, ‘Warrior’ , ‘Spirulina’ etc. After investing in Chronixx’s career for some time, I decided to explore & expand my craft. This is where I discovered live dubbing and fresh new talent such as Inezi, Fyah Roiall, Ulo & the first lady of ZincFence Records, Jane Macgizmo.

Describe the reactions you get from onlookers when you’re performing? How does it make you feel?
It is a great experience to know that people from all walks of life love what I’m doing and appreciate ingenuity and a live dub music experience.

Can you share your most memorable musical experience in your life?
Performing at Dubwise Miami and just knowing that my personal skills in music can take me around the world.

At Tmrw.Tday, we aim to promote conscious living. For you, what does it mean to live consciously?
For me, living consciously is what you absorb, what you eat, watch and read while living your life from a positive angle.

Do you believe music has the power to inspire change? If so, how?
Yes. Because music brings people from all around the world together. Different cultures are able to intertwine through the power of music while making them feel good about themselves.

How has travelling influences you?
Traveling has cause my mind to expand through meeting different people, experiencing different cultures, hearing different styles of music. All this influences how I make music by being able to put a little of everything into what I do.

Can you share with us your fondest travel memory?
Going to Pablo Escobar’s house in Tulum Mexico. I’m a big fan of Pablo Escobar and how his mind works.

What are you hoping to get out of your time at Tmrw.Tday?
New lovers of live dub music, new fans and the opportunity to expand the Teflon brand even further.

To connect with Teflon Zinc Fence at Tmrw.Tday, head here!

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