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Wolf + Lamb: conscious choices & husking corn

Wolf + Lamb

By Kassandra Nunes & Andrea Delgado

Here’s a new track from Wolf + Lamb, Crew Love artist Nick Monaco and their partner in island life David Marston – a Jamaica native. On the vocals is Charlie from Soul Clap. The guys made this last year while chilling in Jamaica.

Tell us about your musical journey?
Man it’s been fun, long and going on 15 years! We both loved music from when we’re young, but had no talent so we became DJ’s, somewhere along the way we figured it out. It’s never ending and we’re grateful to be on it.

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Philosophy, Travel

Dear Jamaica; a culturally transcending letter

Dear Jamaica

By Melissa A. Salmon

Dear Jamaica,

Black, green and gold, may I inherit your greatness. Born in the quaint parish of St. Catherine, I spent a few years in the enriched seaside town of Old Harbour and its neighbouring environs before relocating to your capital, Kingston.

Your history is a rich one, a history which transcends the hardship of slavery. An independent nation since August 6, 1962—the motto highlights your diversity “Out of many, one people.” Our people cherish the local dialect ‘Patois or Creole’ (pronounced Patwah) which is not only greatly used and embraced by the natives of your land, but has also been taught to tourists when they visit.

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Packing light for your Jamaican vacay

packing for jamaica

By Andrea Delgado

I think most people can relate when I say that packing is a pain in my chakras!

First you have to figure what the weather will be like, how long you’re travelling for and what on earth you’ll do when you get there!

I used to be a serial over-packer and I know most of you reading know what I’m talking about. But then I read into the concept of minimalism and it changed how I packed for a vacation for ever!

Minimalist travel are the first steps to simplifying life.

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You need to know this about Ganja in Jamaica


By Andrea Delgado

Ganja in Jamaica is earning a new reputation.

“Growing up as a Rastafarian, I decided I was not going to sit down and watch Rastafari and grass roots people being continually persecuted for a plant.” – Ras Iyah-V

Cannabis is one of the most commonly-used herbs around the world. Despite deep roots in Jamaican culture, dating back to the 1920s, ganja was only legalized by the Ministry of Jamaica in 2015. For the first time in decades, Jamaicans can now use the herb for personal, medicinal and religious uses. For those that embrace a Rastafari lifestyle, this recent legislation although strongly enforced, was a progressive step toward the acceptance of marijuana use.
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Collective Evolution teams up with Tmrw.Tday

collective evolution

By Tmrw.Tday Team

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together” – Vincent Van Gogh

This exact sequence of events is what caused the creation of alternative media organisation Collective Evolution (CE) in 2009. Today, CE is gaining ground as a key media player and change based organization, with a mission that aims to shift consciousness.

Seeing media display such political and corporate bias, judgement, anger, CE believes creating a new form of media is important. One that considers the people and how they can utilize information to make informed decisions and change their lives.

Their mantra? “Change starts within.”

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